Kale Fruit Smoothie

Kale Fruit Smoothie

Over the past few days the weather has been warm and gorgeous!  While everyone else in my family complains about it being too hot for early April I’ve been taking advantage of the heat by going on long walks with the dog, and sitting outside on the front porch with a book and this delicious kale fruit smoothie.

kale smoothie

It’s super simple, delicious, and healthy (and it’s a really pretty color).  I usually never measure anything, I just throw whatever looks good in the blender, so feel free to play around with the amounts in the recipe.  All you need are 5 ingredients: kefir (or you can use Greek yogurt, the smoothie will just be thicker), a banana, frozen peaches, frozen mango, and kale (trendy super-food of the moment).

kale smoothie ingredients

Throw it all in the blender.

ks blender

Mix it up and serve.






Kale Fruit Smoothie

Serves 1


1/2 cup plain kefir (or Greek yogurt)

1 banana

1 cup (packed) kale

1/2 cup frozen peach slices

1/2 cup frozen mango chunks

– Combine all ingredients in a blender

– Pour into a glass and serve




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