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June 2014: A Review




It’s officially July and I’m loving the heat wave we’ve been having in DC.  June was another busy month and I’ve been working on a few new things for the blog I’ll be unveiling soon.  In the meantime here are some fantastic links to rap up the month of June!


My Top 3 Most Viewed Recipes

  1. Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with Peanut Butter Icing – Rich cake, creamy icing, just delicious!   chocolate mayo caken with pb icing
  2. Dutch Oven Strawberry Cobbler – Fruity, juicy, sweet goodness.    strawberry cobbler with ice cream
  3. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler – You can’t go wrong with peaches!  Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler


My Top 10 Favorite Links of the Month

  1. These Melty Salted Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies (from Bakerella) sound like Nutella and salted caramel in cookie form and you can’t go wrong with that!


    From Bakerella

  2. I love Buffalo flavored things and these Buffalo Roasted Shrimp with Ranch Oyster Cracker Topping (from JJ Begonia) look like a perfect use of buffalo ranch flavor.


    From JJ Begonia

  3. Coconut Iced Coffee with Mini Chocolate Glazed Coffee Donuts (from Half Baked Harvest), can you say perfect?  I’m sold!

    Coconut Iced Coffee...with Mini Chocolate Glazed Coffee Doughnuts |

    From Half Baked Harvest

  4. These Orange Sticky Buns (from Food Fanatic) look like a gooey breakfast treat!

    Orange Sticky Buns Picture

    From Food Fanatic

  5. I have no words for these Toffee Ice Cream Brownie Bars (from Two Peas and Their Pod).

    Toffee Ice Cream Brownie Bars Recipe on The perfect dessert for summer! #icecream #summer

    From Two Peas and Their Pod

  6. If you’re looking for the perfect summer dinner this Grilled Steak Chopped Summer Salad (from Recipe Girl) is the answer.

    Grilled Steak Chopped Summer Salad -

    From Recipe Girl

  7. I need this Chicken Roasted Vegetable Mac and Cheese (from Picky Palate), and I need it now!

    Chicken Roasted Vegetable Mac and Cheese

    From Picky Palate

  8. Pancakes are my favorite breakfast food and these Toasted Pecan Pancakes with Brown Butter Bourbon Peach Syrup (from Baking a Moment) look fantastic.

    Toasted Pecan Pancakes with Brown Butter Bourbon Peach Syrup | Baking a Moment

    From Baking A Moment

  9. Try take out at home with this Thai Sweet Chili Chicken (from Tina’s Chic Corner).

    02Thai Sweet Chili Chicken and Mandarin Oranges

    From Tina’s Chic Corner

  10. Last but not least, a great summer treat, homemade Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream (from Brown Eyed Baker), I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

    Roasted Strawberry & Buttermilk Ice Cream | #recipe

    From Brown Eyed Baker


Feel free to share your favorite links from June!





April and May 2014: A Review


So.  It’s June… I’m not quite sure how this happened and I haven’t published any posts since mid-April (oopsie) but now that classes and finals are over for the semester and I have my first year of grad school finished I’m hoping I have more time to share the delicious things I cook up with all of you.  As a catch up here’s a review of what the world has been liking on my blog and some pretty great recipes I’ve found, enjoy!


My Top 5 Most Viewed Recipes (since it’s been 2 months I threw in 2 extra posts for you…)

  1. Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with Peanut Butter Icing – Moist chocolate cake, rich peanut butter icing, a classic favorite for a reason!  chocolate mayo caken with pb icing
  2. Dutch Oven Strawberry Cobbler – Tangy, sweet, delicious, a perfect summer dessert. strawberry cobbler with ice cream
  3. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler – Swap strawberries for peaches and you have another perfect summer dessert! Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler
  4. Sweet Potato Fries with Greek Yogurt-Sour Cream Dipping Sauce – Super easy, super yummy, consistently a favorite, make them now if you haven’t already! sweet potato fries and sauce
  5. Penne with Vodka Sauce – A great, tasty pasta dish. penne with vodka sauce


My Top 10 Favorite Links from April

  1. Apparently April was National Grilled Cheese Month, this Brie, Pesto, and Sweet Pepper Grilled Cheese (from Two Peas and Their Pod) looks like an excellent way to celebrate.

    Pesto, Brie, and Sweet Pepper Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe on You have to make this sandwich! It is life changing!

    From Two Peas and Their Pod

  2. This Strawberry Salsa (from Six Sisters’ Stuff) sounds like an excellent twist on the classic chips and salsa, I want some ASAP!

    Strawberry Salsa

    From Six Sisters’ Stuff

  3. I love pasta, and a one skillet dish is always great, so this Roasted Tomato Skillet Pasta (from The Grant Life) is the perfect option for a quick dinner.

    Rosted tomato skillet

    From The Grant Life

  4. Now that it’s (finally) warm out this Greek-Style Grilled Asparagus Salad with Tomatoes and Feta (From The Daring Gourmet) looks like a delicious dinner.

    Greek salad recipe asparagus tomatoes feta cheese red onions vinaigrette dressing healthy

    From The Daring Gourmet

  5. I absolutely love breakfast food and this Chorizo Green Chile Breakfast Skillet (from Host the Toast Blog) will be making an appearance on my breakfast table in the near future.

    Chorizo Green Chile Breakfast Skillet

    From Host the Toast Blog

  6. Four Cheese Macaroni and Cheese (from The Endless Meal) looks like a creamy, rich, delicious version of my favorite food!

    Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

    From The Endless Meal

  7. I need this Bacon and Cashew Bourbon Caramel Corn (From Brown Eyed Baker) and I need it now!

    Bourbon Bacon Cashew Caramel Corn | #recipe

    From Brown Eyed Baker

  8. These Chipotle Turkey-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms (From Pink Parsley) look absolutely amazing!

    From Pink Parsley

  9. I love salmon, and this Spicy Garlic Lime Baked Salmon (from A Spicy Perspective) sounds like a great recipe.

    Dinner Tonight: Spicy Garlic Lime Oven Baked Salmon #salmon #dinner #recipe

    From A Spicy Perspective

  10. I’m not sure how I managed to have only one dessert recipe in this roundup but these Carrot Cake Cheesecake Crumble Bars (From Wicked Good Kitchen) look like an amazing concoction combining two delicious desserts into one yummy bar!

    Carrot Cake Cheesecake Crumble Bars by ~ Just like a cross between carrot cake, cheesecake and Oatmeal Carmelitas! Our Carrot Cake Cheesecake Crumble Bars are packed with flavor and everything you dreamed they would be. The perfect Easter dessert treat—especially for a crowd! #bar #dessert #recipe

    From Wicked Good Kitchen

My Top 12 Favorite Links from May (I added because this is a very, very, overdue post.  Okay, actually it’s because I tried to narrow it down to 10 but just couldn’t pick which 2 I should eliminate, I’m indecisive like that…)

  1. I’m kind of obsessed with s’mores and I’m totally in love with this variation – Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, and Graham Cracker Cookie S’mores (From Half Baked Harvest).

    Oatmeal Chocolate Chip + Graham Cracker Cookie S'mores |

    From Half Baked Harvest

  2. I love using my crock-pot and this Slow Cooker Chicken Quinoa Chili (From Simply Stacie) looks like a great recipe to try.

    Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili #ChickenChallenge

    From Simply Stacie

  3. This Blueberry Sailor Tea (From Tattooed Martha) needs to make an appearance at my pool, like right now.

    Tattooed Martha - Blueberry Sailor Tea (3)

    From Tattooed Martha

  4. Roasted Chicken with a Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Ginger Glaze (From Creole Contessa) sounds like a delicious take on a classic chicken dinner.

    From Creole Contessa

  5. Who wouldn’t love these homemade Strawberry Cupcakes (From Treats)?

    From Treats

  6. Everyone loves a good cocktail and this Fresh Whiskey Sour (From Everybody Loves Pretty) looks like an amazing classic!

    Fresh Whiskey Sour3

    From Everybody Loves Pretty

  7. I want to try this jazzed up version of a granola bar, Trail Mix Peanut Butter Bars (From Deliciously Sprinkled).

    Trail Mix Bar Recipe

    From Deliciously Sprinkled

  8. These Red White and Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles (From The View From Great Island) are super adorable and look like the perfect summertime treat!

    Red White And Blueberry Popsicles | The View From Great Island  Great for Memorial Day and the 4th of July1

    From The View From Great Island

  9. I want this Eggs Benedict with Bacon, Avodaise, and Harissa (From Closet Cooking) for breakfast pronto!

    Eggs Benedict with Bacon, Avodaise (Avocado Hollandaise) and Harissa

    From Closet Cooking

  10. This Dark Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream (From Love & Olive Oil) will most definitely be appearing in my ice cream maker this summer.

    Dark Chocolate Strawberry Ice Cream from @loveandoliveoil

    From Love & Olive Oil

  11. One of my favorite meals at my college dining hall was the breaded ravioli, so I got super excited when I saw this recipe for Toasted Ravioli (From The Pioneer Woman), I’m definitely going to try it out.

    Toasted Ravioli

    From The Pioneer Woman

  12. Oh my decadence!  I don’t even have words for how delicious these Bacon, Beer, and Potato Chip Cookie Bars (From Life, Love & Sugar) look!

    Bacon, Beer and Potato Chip Cookie Bars

    From Life, Love & Sugar


Feel free to share your favorite links 🙂





March 2014: A Review


So.  I just realized it’s over halfway through April (even though it still feels like winter, we even had a little bit of snow last night, ridiculous!) and I have yet to post my review for March, which has been sitting, half-finished, in my drafts… oops… Anyway, here’s my review for last month, better late than never!


My Top 3 Most Viewed Pages

  1. Kale Fruit Smoothie – Refreshing, delicious, and healthy!      ks fi
  2. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler – Tastes like summer with fresh, juicy peaches and cool, sweet ice cream.  Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler
  3. Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies – A yummy way to use up brown bananas!     bcc cookie and milk

My Top 10Favorite Links

  1. My friend Chelsea recently started a super awesome blog, Over the Moon, that you should all check out!  This particular post was about making a cute sparkly picture frame!

    From Over the Moon

  2. Hawaiian Hula Pork Fajitas with Pineapple Slaw and Coconut Rice (from Half Baked Harvest), AMAZING flavor combination!

    Hawaiian Hula Pork Fajitas with Pineapple Slaw + Coconut Rice |

    From Half Baked Harvest

  3. I love key lime pie, it’s a great combination of tart and sweet, and these Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups (From Grandbaby Cakes look scrumptious!

    key lime pie cookie

    From Grandbaby Cakes

  4. These Pineapple Stuffed Chicken Meatballs (from Yummy Addiction) sound like such a unique and delicious combination of flavors, I can’t wait to try them!

    Chicken Meatballs Stuffed With Pineapple |

    From Yummy Addiction

  5. Coconut has recently become one of my favorite flavors, this Coconut Wild Blueberry Smoothie (from She Knows) looks like the perfect way to utilize coconut in a yummy and delicious way.

     5 Ways to use coconut

    From She Knows

  6. Yogurt Pancakes with Maple Apples (from The Thankful Heart) sound like a delicious twist on my favorite breakfast!


    From The Thankful Heart

  7. I discovered cara cara oranges last year and I absolutely cannot get enough of them! These Cara Cara Orange Mini Muffins (from Chez Catey Lou) seem like the perfect way to get more of the delicious flavor in my life.

    Cara Cara Orange Mini Muffins |

    From Chez Catey Lou

  8. Hopefully summer is coming so I can make these Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Margarita Mango Salsa and Jalapeno Crema (from How Sweet Eats) for dinner and eat them outside!

    beer battered fish tacos I

    From How Sweet Eats

  9. I’m also more than ready to break out my ice cream maker and churn out this Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream (from Upbeat Kitchen)!


    From Upbeat Kitchen

  10. And one more reason for Summer to get here NOW, delicious Key Lime Pie Popsicles (from Spoonful of Flavor), yummy!!!!

    Key Lime Pie Popsicle - it's like frozen key lime pie on a stick!

    From Spoonful of Flavor


Feel free to share your favorite links too 🙂

August 2013: A Review


I can’t believe it’s already September!  My classes start today so my summer is officially over, but it was a great summer full of concerts, days by the pool, and of course, delicious food.  Without further ado here is the August addition of a month in review.


My Top 3 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Greek Yogurt Sour Cream Dipping Sauce – way better than the fast food version sweet potato fries and sauce
  2. Blueberry Sugar Cookies – sweet, tangy, delicious blueberry sugar cookies
  3. Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler – juicy fresh peaches topped with a scrumptious cake topping Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

My Top 10 Favorite Links of the Month

  1. Starting out with a great cookie recipe for the summer these Zucchini Coconut  Chocolate Chip Cookies (from Two Peas and Their Pod) look absolutely AMAZING!

    Zucchini Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies on A must make!

    From Two Peas and Their Pod

  2. This Tomato Gratin (from The Thankful Heart) looks like a great way to use up the summer tomatoes.


    From The Thankful heart

  3. Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream (from Urban Bakes) seems like the perfect end of summer treat.

    Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream | URBAN BAKES

    From Urban Bakes

  4. Chocolate and Peanut Butter are a match made in heaven so these Fudgy Brownies with Crunchy Butterfinger Crust (from Life, Love, and Sugar) look heavenly!

    Fudgy Brownies with Crunchy Butterfinger Crust

    From Life, Love, and Sugar

  5. I love anything with Mexican flavors so this Quinoa Fresca (from BB a la Carte) with lime, cilantro, and peppers, sounds delish!


    From BB a la Carte

  6. You can never go wrong with chocolate and these Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies (from Chaos and Cookies) look like a great twist on a classic chocolate chocolate chip cookie.


    From Chaos and Cookies

  7. Another great treat that I absolutely need to try are these Coconut Rum Blondies (from Gotta Get Baked).

    I love the way the early morning light looks in this photo.  Of course, I ate this for breakfast.

    From Gotta Get Baked

  8. Macaroni and cheese is my absolute favorite food and this Green Chili, Chicken and Bacon Mac and Cheese (from Picky Palate) looks like a great way to switch up traditional macaroni and cheese!

    How To Make The Perfect Mac and Cheese-30t

    From Picky Palate

  9. Who doesn’t love s’mores?  These S’more Milk Chocolate Mousse filled Chocolate Cups with Marshmallow Frosting (from Half Baked Harvest) let you have the flavors of s’mores without the campfire!

    S'more Milk Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Cups |

    From Half Baked Harvest

  10. And last, but certainly not least, to welcome fall, the first (of many to come) pumpkin recipes, Pumpkin Ale Brown Butter Blondies (from Uni Homemaker).

    Pumpkin Ale Brown Butter Blondies

    From Uni Homemaker

Truckeroo Part 2


You may remember my last post about Truckeroo, a monthly food truck festival held right outside the National’s stadium in DC.  Well, it was so delicious I decided I had to go again, so Friday night my roommate and I headed to Truckeroo for dinner and dessert.  As we always do, we decided to split everything so we could try even more food!


First we went to The Big Cheese for a delicious Thrilled Cheese, which was chipotle cheddar, jalapenos, and guacamole on sourdough bread.  Now, if you know me at all, you know I love guacamole so this was the natural choice!

The Big Cheese

Big Cheese Menu

I’m not exaggerating when I say this was the absolute best grilled cheese I’ve ever head, the bread was thick and crisp, and the creamy guacamole went perfectly with the slight spice of the cheese and jalapenos.

Thrilled Cheese

Next we got in the monstrous line for TaKorean, the Korean BBQ taco truck.


TaKorean menu

We ordered one Bulgogi steak taco, which was beef in a sweet, spicy, soy based sauce with Napa-Romaine slaw, and two tangy chicken tacos (chicken in a sweet chili, ginger, soy sauce with spicy kimchi style slaw.  All of the tacos came with Sriarcha, lime crema, cilantro, and sesame seeds.  After I bit into the tacos I understood why the line was so long!

TaKorean tacos

For our last dinner course we went to Feelin’ Crabby for some absolutely amazing crab sliders that we’d seen when we were in line for the tacos.

Feelin' Crabby

The sliders consisted of soft rolls with a delicious crab salad.  The salad consisted of very large lumps of crab with a very light mayonnaise dressing with lemon and a healthy sprinkling of old bay.

crab sliders

Right next to the Feelin’ Crabby truck was the Sinplicity ice cream truck.


Sinplicity menu

We ordered the Tipsy Strawberry Sinwich and it was absolutely sinfully delicious!

tipsy strawberry sinwichStrawberry Ice Cream with chocolate chunks with layer of margarita custard, all sandwiched between two berry macaroons.


Our last stop was That Cheesecake Truck for a slice of key lime cheesecake dipped in dark chocolate.

that cheesecake truck

It was the perfect combination of creamy, tangy, and sweet.

chocolate dipped key lime

cheesecake pop

The musical entertainment for the night was The Morrison Brothers Band, a really awesome band that you should all become fans of!

The Morrison Brothers Band

It was another great night at Truckeroo and I highly suggest you go to the next one on September 6th if you’re in the DC area, I definitely plan on being there!

July 2013: A Review


I cannot believe July is over already, this summer is absolutely flying by!  Since it’s the first day of August that means it’s time for my monthly review blog, so here are the my top 3 most viewed posts for the month of July and 10 links I found incredibly appealing, enjoy!

My Top 3 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Sweet Potato Fries with Greek Yogurt-Sour Cream Dipping Sauce – Sweet, crispy, delicious! sweet potato fries and sauce
  2. Blueberry Sugar Cookies – After eating these you’ll understand why they were on the list last month too.blueberry sugar cookie bite
  3. Mountain Pies – Gooey cheesy awesomeness! Mountain Pies

My Top 10 Favorite Links

  1. In my mind anything with triple chocolate in the name has got to be delicious so this Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake (from Life, Love, and Sugar) caught my eye!

    Triple Chocolate Cookie Cake

    From Life, Love, and Sugar

  2.  Sangria is pretty much the perfect summer beverage and I really want to try this Watermelon Basil Sangria (from JJ Begonia).


    From JJ Begonia

  3. I love salmon and I love cilantro hence I think I will love this Seared Salmon with Cilantro-Cucumber Salsa (from Ranting Chef).

    Photo Mar 15, 5 37 16 PM

    From Ranting Chef

  4. Warm Cookie Dough & Ice Cream (from The Cosy Kitchen), I’m not sure how dessert could get any more perfect.


    From The Cosy Kitchen

  5. Who doesn’t love Chinese food?  This Crispy Sweet Chili Beef (from Homemade with Mess) is a perfect homemade version of traditional takeout.

    k 008

    From Homemade with Mess

  6. This Blueberry Ricotta Tart (from Mastering the Art of Pigging Out) looks divine!


    From Mastering the Art of Pigging Out

  7. King Cone Ice Cream Cake (from Zim on a Whim) – the cake version of one of my favorite childhood treats.

    King Cone Ice Cream Cake | Zim on a Whim

    From Zim on a Whim

  8. I don’t think it’s possible for me to mention favorites without including at least one Mexican food recipe, so here you have it, Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa (from The Thankful Heart)


    From The Thankful Heart

  9. Peach Moscato Sangria (from BB A La Carte), yes, yes please.


    From BB A La Carte

  10. Adding fruit to desserts means it’s healthy, right???  Which means I can eat this entire Raspberry Chocolate Tart with Coconut Crust (from Spontaneous Tomato).

    Raspberry Chocolate Tart with Coconut Crust

    From Spontaneous Tomato

What were your favorite links this month?



Friday night I went to Truckeroo with a few friends. Now, many of you may be asking, “what the heck is trukeroo?” (don’t worry, this was my exact reaction when my friend Brooke asked if I wanted to go). Basically, once a month in the summer a bunch of food trucks gather in the Bullpen and the National’s Stadium and sell their delicious food from 11 AM to 11 PM, there’s also live music and drinks available. After I learned what it was I couldn’t say no (if you’re in the DC area you should ABSOLUTELY go to the next one, it’s August 16th and I plan on being there too!) so I invited my friends Nick, and Kerry to join us too!


We took the metro to the stadium and were greeted with a ton of people, live music, and smells from TONS of food trucks. Our plan of attack was to make a loop and see what our options were. After seeing what was available we decided to try DC Empanadas.

DC Empanadas

Everything on the menu sounded sooooo good!

DC Empanadas Menu

Nick and I got the fish tacos. I originally wanted to get an empanada because, afterall, it was an empanada truck, but he fish tacos sounded so delicious and it’s really hard for me to turn down a good taco. I’m so glad I got the taco because it was hands down the best fish taco I’ve ever had. The chipotle remolade and avocado lime crema on top were delicious!

fish tacos

Brooke got the Ropanada, which is a shredded beef taco with rice in a tomato sauce.



Kerry decided on the Tio Asher, a vegetarian empanada made with tofu, black beans, corn, cilantro, chipotle peppers and green onions.

tio asher

The food was so hot we decided we needed drinks, so Kerry and I headed to the daiquiri stand.


Daq Shack

I got a passion fruit daiquiri, it was absolutely perfect for cooling me off in the crazy DC heat and humidity.

Passion Fruit

For our second course we headed to the Tapas Truck.

tapas truck

Most of their items were served with garlic fries, which was a big plus for me! Kerry and I decided to share the Shrimp Pil-Pil, which was fried shrimp over garlic fries with sweet chili sauce (the sauce was probably my favorite part, it was the perfect combination of tangy, sweet, and spicy).

shrimp pil-pil

Nick ordered the Pork Slider Andaluz.

Pork Slider Andaluz

And Brooke went with the Rabas – calamari served over garlic fries with spicy chili sauce. I absolutely loved how they served them in the newspaper cones.


After those courses we were all pretty full but we decided we HAD to have dessert! Brooke and I headed to Carmen’s Italian Ice & Cafe.

Carmen's Italian Ice

As usual I was indecisive and couldn’t decide between custard and ice, luckily Carmen’s has gelatis that combine the two! I ordered the mokaccino custard with piña colada ice and it was absolutely fantastic!


Brooke got the mokaccino custard topped with chocolate chips.


Nick decided to go to Pleasant Pops.

pleasant pops

They had a bunch of interesting flavors, he decided to try the cookies and cream pop, he said it was delicious.

cookies and cream pop

After we got our desserts we decided for sit at the picnic tables with some drinks and listen to the live music.

the bullpen


Brooke and Nick

Brooke and Nick

Kerry and I

Kerry and I

It was a great night and I would definitely recommend you check out the next truckeroo if you’re in the DC area!



June 2013: A Review


I don’t know about you but June flew by for me!  I started summer research at University of Maryland, caught up with some friends, and went to O’s game (in which they killed the Yankees 11-3, go O’s!).  As usual I have ten amazing recipes I found this month and my top viewed posts, enjoy!

My Top 3 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Blueberry Sugar Cookies – Absolutely delicious, soft, airy cookies with tangy blueberries and sweet, sweet sugar! blueberry sugar cookie bite
  2. Chili and Cornbread – A favorite last month too, classic, and yummy. chili and cornbread
  3. Chicken Tacos with Black Beans and Corn – Mexican food, what’s not to love? finished chicken tacos

My Top 10 Favorite Links

  1. These Potato Chip Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars combine salty and sweet, such an amazing idea (from Vanilla Kitchen)!


    From Vanilla Kitchen

  2. Looking for a creative way to make salsa?  This Grilled Avocado and Peach Salsa (from Savory Simple) sounds delicious to me!

    Grilled Avocado and Peach Salsa ~ Healthy Party Appetizer ~ Savory Simple

    From Savory Simple

  3. I think I need a slice of this Banana Almond Toffee Cake (from The Thankful Heart) ASAP, or maybe just the entire cake!


    From The Thankful Heart

  4. Chicken Ranch Burgers (from Tastes of Lizzy T) will definitely be making an appearance on my dinner plate sometime soon.

    Chicken Ranch Burgers

    From Tastes of Lizzy T

  5. This No Bake Nutella, Peanut Butter, and Marshmallow Pie (from Life, Love, and Sugar) looks super simple, and super delicious!

    Nutella, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow Pie

    From Life, Love, and Sugar

  6. I’m always looking for new twists on pasta recipes and this Tuna, Yellow Pepper, and Chilli Linguini (from Homemade With a Mess) sounds fantastic.


    From Homemade With a Mess

  7. As you’ve probably figured out by now, I love all things chocolate, I’m sure these Black Bottom Cupcakes (from Flavor the Moments) would be no exception.

    black bottom cupcakes {all dressed up}

    From Flavor the Moments

  8. With the rainy days in the forecast this week Spicy Chickpea Soup with Coconut Milk (from My Favourite Pastime) will be delicious!

    Spicy Chickpea Soup with Coconut Milk myfavouritepastime.com_0574

    from My Favourite Pastime

  9. A new recipe for Mexican nights, Grilled Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa (from Foxes Love Lemons).

    Grilled Pork Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

    from Foxes Love Lemons

  10. Mini Coffee Cheesecakes (from BB A La Carte), scrumptious!


    from BB A La Carte

What were your favorite recipes from this month?


May 2013: A Review


May was a pretty busy month for me with moving into a big girl apartment with my friend Alyssa and furnishing said apartment with multiple trips to Ikea and Target.   I also found a ton of delicious recipes that I’m dying to make in our new kitchen, so without further ado, I give you my most viewed posts and my favorite links for the month.

My Top 3 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Chili and Cornbread – Hearty, delicious, easy, and the perfect excuse to eat lots of sour cream and cheese chili and cornbread
  2. Banana Chocolate Chop Cookies – Amazingly yummy, one of my favorite cookies bcc cookie and milk
  3. Buffalo Chicken Cucumber Boats – Great hot or as leftovers the next day, just make them buffalo chicken cucumber boats

My Top 10 Favorite Links

  1. I just discovered these amazing Chocolate Chip Confetti Cookies (from Bakerella) and I can’t wait to make them, they look absolutely fantastic!

    Chocolate Chip Confetti Cookies

    From Bakerella

  2. These Grilled Cheese Rolls (from Care’s Kitchen) look like the perfect twist on my go-to sandwich!IMG_1866
  3. I think I could eat this Carrot Cake Oatmeal (from The Thankful Heart) for every meal of the day.


    From The Thankful Heart

  4. Brown Butter Coconut Bread (from Roast Potatoes For) sounds like the PERFECT treat for my current coconut obsession.

    Coconut Bread

    From Roast Potatoes For

  5. As if I needed another reason to eat avocado… Crispy Baked Avocado Fries (from Closet Cooking)

    Crispy Baked Avocado Fries

    From Closet Cooking

  6. I’m in a cooking baking mood and these Blueberries and Cream Cookies (from A Cozy Bee) are definitely on the list.

    From A Cozy Bee

  7. Nutella Crack Pie (from The Cooking Actress), oatmeal cookie crust and nutella? I’m sold.

    From The Cooking Actress

  8. I love making pizzas at home and this BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza (from Recipe Girl) looks delicious.

    BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza from

    From Recipe Girl

  9. These Southwest Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Yogurt Sauce (from The Roasted Root) are perfect for grilling season!

    Southwest Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Yogurt Sauce |

    From The Roasted Root

  10. Coffee Toffee Mocha Crunch Cake (from Butter Yum), I don’t think any explanation is necessary, just look at that picture.

    Coffee Toffee Mocha Crunch Cake

Feel free to share your favorite links from the month too!

April 2013: A Review


April has come and gone, here are my top links and my favorite links from the month, enjoy!

My Top 3 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Kale Fruit Smoothie – Delicious, healthy, and a really pretty color (because that’s what matters right?)  ks fi
  2. Peanut Butter Dog Treats – Perfect for your favorite canine companion Scout and treat
  3. Peeps S’mores – A yummy twist on a classic campfire treat  peeps smores 2

My Top 10 Favorite Links

  1. Apparently April was National Grilled Cheese Month, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with Taco Grilled Cheese (from Closet Cooking)

    Taco Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    From Closet Cooking

  2. Cowgirl Coolers (from Family Fresh Cooking) – Essentially a strawberry smoothie with a kick of Jack Daniel’s, perfect for the coming warm weather

    Cowgirl Coolers | Whiskey Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail | recipe on

    From Family Fresh Cooking

  3. A chocolatey delicious breakfast – Nutella Crunch French Toast (from Climbing Grier Mountain)

    From Climbing Grier Mountain

  4.  BLT Salad (from My Favourite Pastime) – No explanation necessary

    Bacon Lettuce & Tomatoe Salad_0707

    From My Favourite Pastime

  5. Frosty Strawberry Lemonade with Mint (From Vedged Out) – Sounds so refreshing!

    Close up

    From Vedged Out

  6. My favorite Chinese take out item at home – Crab Rangoons (from Brown Eyed Baker)

    Crab Rangoon Recipe

    From Brown Eyed Baker

  7. Kiwi, Mango, and Raspberry Ice Lollies (from Scrummy Yummy) – I’m really ready for hot weather!

    Kewi, Mango and Raspberry Ice Lolly

    From Scrummy Yummy

  8. My guac kick continues with this Mango and Cilantro Guacamole (from Two Peas and Their Pod)

    Mango Guacamole Recipe

    From Two Peas and Their Pod

  9. Chocolate Molten Cakes in a Cupcake Pan (from Jenny Steffens) – Chocolate? Molten? Cupcake? I’m sold

    From Jenny Steffens

  10. Copycat Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream (from Life Love and Sugar) – What more could you want?

    Copycat Birthday Cake Remix Ice Cream (no machine required) - cake batter ice cream, brownies, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce!

    From Life Love and Sugar

What were your favorite links?